Elan Marine is a company that was established from a world know company Elan. Elan is famous by manufacturing world best skis and snowboard and also about their sea program that they called it Elan Marine and combines Yachts and Sailboat.

Elan Sail represents Sailboat that are later divided into three different groups: Performance, Cruise and Old good boats. Under Performance we could find sailboats such as Elan 210, 310, 350, 380, 410 and the biggest in this class Elan 450. This sailboats are really wide and have little draft. Because of less resistance Performance sailboats can outpreform there competitors in lentgh comparing to speed and manuverbility. Elan smallest sailboat – Elan 210 is this year invention and should bring sailing also to people who do not have a lot money to buy a big sailboat. Now you can buy your self a sailboat that has on small length has everything for the price of Family car.

Elan Impression 514

Elan Cruiser Sailboats are collected under the brand Impression. Elan Impression are a bit more luxurius sailboats by with still good sailing perfernces. Here we can find Elan Impression 344, 394, 444 and the biggest Elan Impression 514. This sailboat line is intended for people who prefer to sail in style and do not like smaller cabins.  Good sailboats that gives you feeling like you are at home.

A bit older sailboat models are combined under the Good old label. This are still one of the best sailboats that left a big impact on sailing world with it’s design and outstandin performance. Elan Sailboats labeled Good old are: Elan 31, 333, 36, 40, 45, 37, 340 and also Impression 384 with Impression 434. People who sailed with one of those sailboats prefer to choose this boats rather then the new one, because they do not belive that anything could be better then those perfect sailboats.

Elan Yacht that combine speed boats and yachts is combined under the name Elan Power. Elan can provide you with 5 different Yachts that vary from 30 to 52 feet.  Those models are: Elan Power 30, 35, 42, 48 and most luxurious yacht Elan 53. Elan has took knowleadge about hydrodinamics and design also to yachts. Those yachts are made to give maximum performance for there size and design can be compared to most luxurious yachts.